Calculus AB - “Expectations”


*Electronic recording of any kind may not take place during class without the expressed written consent of the teacher.

I promise to put forth effort over the entire school year and to try to make improvements every day. 

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                          Calculus AB

                            2nd Semester - Grading

A+ = 100%  or “5” on AP level Test / FRQ

B+ = 85%     or “4” on AP level Test / FRQ

C = 70%       or “3” on AP level Test / FRQ

D- = 55%     or “2” on AP level Test / FRQ

F  = 40 %     or “1” on AP level Test / FRQ

No Score  = 0   or “Left Blank” or “No Calculus Knowledge”

AP Scoring is below:

5 “  =  Extremely Well Qualified

“ 4 “  = Well Qualified

“ 3 “  = Qualified

“ 2 “  =  Possibly Qualified

“1 “  =    No Recommendation

Our hope for students is to earn a “4” or “5” on all

AP level Tests. This will be challenging, but we can do it!

1st Semester = unit tests & quizzes graded on 

                         straight scale. “Honors level class.”

2nd Semester = AP level scoring above. “AP Level”

1) Tests = 100  points

2) Quizzes = 20  points

3) Free-Response Questions

             (FRQs) = 9 points


Make-ups will be given for excused absences.

The lowest FRQ score will be dropped at the

end of the semester.

Course Recommendations

A. Students will maintain a math notebook.

B. Students will bring to class a graphing calculator to demonstrate proficiency in:

  1. C.Other Supplies – graph paper, or graph post its notecards, colored markers/pencils.

D. It is recommended that students attend at least 2 study sessions in the week prior to taking the AP exam.

F. Students are recommended to take the Advanced Placement Exam given in May by the College Board.