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               Calculus AB
2nd Semester - Grading

 A+ = 105%  or “5” on AP level Test / FRQ
 A = 90 %     or “4” on AP level Test / FRQ
 C = 75 %     or “3” on AP level Test / FRQ
 D = 60 %     or “2” on AP level Test / FRQ
 F  = 50 %     or “1” on AP level Test / FRQ
 No Score  = 0   or “Left Blank” or “No Calculus Knowledge “ on AP Test / FRQ

My hope for our students is to earn a “4” or “5” on all AP level Tests. This will be challenging, but we can do it!

1st Semester = unit tests & quizzes graded on  
                         straight scale.
2nd Semester = AP level scoring above

1) Tests = 100  points
2) Quizzes = 20  points
3) Free-Response Questions 
             (FRQs) = 9 points
Home or class assignments = 5 points
Final 33% of 2nd semester grade (in May) a few days before the actual AP test = Auto “A”- “4” or “5” for 2nd semester. 
6) The student will earn an “A” both semesters, when scores are “4” or “5” on the actual AP test. Scores are posted in mid-July.
Make-ups will be given for excused absences. There will be no test retakes. 
The lowest FRQ score will be dropped at the end of the semester.

Course Recommendations
A. Students will maintain a math notebook.
B. Students will bring to class a graphing calculator to demonstrate proficiency in:
C. Other Supplies – graph paper, notecards, colored markers/pencils.
D. It is recommended that students attend at least 3 study sessions in the week prior to taking the AP exam.
Students are highly recommended to take the Advanced Placement Exam given in May by the College Board. I expect great results this year!

I promise to put forth effort over the entire year and to make improvements every day. I agree to the above course recommendations and understand what is expected.

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Barron’s AP Prep Book

      2nd Semester

Calculus AB Textbook

      1st Semester