PreCalculus  - Expectations


Calculus AB Textbook

Use Quarter 4 only


Precalculus combines the trigonometric, geometric, and algebraic techniques needed to prepare students for the study of calculus, and strengthens students’ conceptual understanding of problems and mathematical reasoning in solving problems.

Facility with these topics is especially important for students intending to study calculus, physics, and other sciences, and/or engineering in college.

The Precalculus instructional time will focus on five critical areas: (1) extend work with complex numbers; (2) expand understanding of logarithms and exponential functions; (3) use characteristics of polynomial and rational functions to sketch graphs of those functions; and (4) perform operations with vectors. 5) Unit Circle functions and graphing characteristics.

Grading and Requirements

Cumulative Points - Grading

A = 90-100%  = Advanced

B = 80-89%    = Proficient

C = 70-79%    = Basic

D = 60-69%    = Below Basic

F  = < 59%      = Far Below Basic

    4 points per homework assignment

  20 points per quiz (approx.)

100 points per chapter test & Benchmark 1,2,4

200 points for Benchmark 3 (Final)

Quizzes - no retakes - but can replace a quiz 

grade with improved test percentage  

from the same chapter test

   Tests - Students will be offered 1 make-up test per semester.  

Extra Help = Student Tutor List = ask for the list

Recommended for Class:

  1. 1)Textbook each day

  2. 2)Notebook and Pencil

  3. 3)Graph paper or post-its

  4. 4)TI-83 or 84 Graphing Calculator

*Electronic recording of any kind may not take place during class without the expressed written consent of the teacher